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Other Trails

The Eastport Peninsula and surrounding area is a hiker’s paradise. In addition to the trails within the Damnable Trail network, the area boasts a number of other trails. There are a couple of walking trails in the communities on the peninsula as well as a trail in the town of Glovertown. Terra Nova National Park, the gateway to the Eastport Peninsula, has a range of trails that complement the Damnable Trail network including everything from short walks to long multi day hikes.

Ken Diamond Trail

Located in Ken Diamond Memorial Park in the heart of Glovertown, the trail consists of a set of stacking loops. There is a short loop of 1.5km and a longer loop that is around 4km. The trail winds along Penney’s Brook and across the wetland alongside the brook. There is a covered bridge and a gazebo located at the halfway point of the longer trail. The trail is wide and flat with a solid surface – suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. A short more demanding “Huff and Puff Trail” takes hikers from the shorter loop to a Gazebo that overlooks much of Glovertown

Terra Nova National Park

Canada’s most easterly National Park and Newfoundland’s first, Terra Nova National Park boasts over 80km of trails. The park’s trails complement the Damnable Trail; providing visitors with an inner coastal and boreal forest hiking experience which contrasts nicely with the rugged coastal experience of the Damnable Trail. For information on Terra Nova National Park trails please visit the hiking section on their website, drop by the Visitor Centre (in season) or call the park at 709-533-2801. 

Chuff’s Bight

Just outside of Terra Nova National Park on route 310 in Sandringham Chuff’s Bight. A picturesque day use park located along Northeast Arm. In addition to the wharf and picnic area, there is a short wheelchair accessible boardwalk that follows the shoreline out to the point. It is a great spot for visitors to stretch their legs and capture stunning sunset photos.

Sandy Cove Pond Trail

This trail is located in Crooked Tree Park in the community of Sandy Cove. The park’s name comes from the trees that have grown up slanted by the fierce wind that comes in off the Atlantic Ocean. The trail is roughly 2.5km return although the community is working to extend the trail around Sandy Cove Pond. Once completed, this trail will be flat and wide and an enjoyable stroll.