Public Health Notice

Permitted Trail Activities

Intended Trail Use

The Damnable Trail network was developed for Hiking. The trail is a single-track (wide enough for one person to traverse on foot) and follows vegetated and rocky coastline, often with limited forward visibility. As a result, the following activities are NOT permitted on the trail:

  • Cycling or mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Use of wheeled vehicles, motorized or non-motorized
  • Open fires – use a portable camp stove instead

Considerations for Runners

If running on the trail, please:

  • Many hikers will not expect to encounter a trail runner. Be prepared to yield the trail if needed.
  • When approaching another trail user quickly from behind, let them know you intend to pass them with a polite “on your left” (or right).
  • Avoid running to the side of the trail where possible. Foot-widened sections are not stable as hardened trail, resulting in eroded, often muddy stretches of path.