Public Health Notice

Coastal Ridge Trail


Experience the Coastal Ridge Trail. Demanding, Delightful, Damnable.

This trail passes through rugged terrain with spectacular views of the coast and surrounding islands. Cut across deep forested valleys, gorges and rock crevasses and visit the resettled community of Barrow Harbour (known by some locals as Barr Harbour) and Smokey Hole.

Length15 KM
Expected Time6 Hours (minimum)

What to Expect

This is a long linear path. We recommend that you inform others of your hiking plans. Also, it would be appropriate, in advance, to arrange a ride back to your vehicle for after you have completed the hike. Expect to traverse over some steep and rugged sections, and occasionally some wet areas after heavy rainfall.

Exercise caution when hiking over moss-covered bedrock as it may be slippery, especially when wet. Be aware of cliff ledges that may be undermined and please stay on the designated path. Monitor trail and weather conditions and dress accordingly. 

Starting Points

You can start this hike at either end of the trail. In Sandy Cove, start from the parking lot at Sandy Cove Beach. In Salvage start at the Trails Parking Lot located at Sunday Avenue in Salvage. Please refer to map to see these locations.

Options: The Coastal Ridge Trail is a continuous trail that runs between Sandy Cove Beach and Salvage and is recommended for the experienced, long-distance hiker.  For hikers who would like to experience part of it but do not want to do the full trail, we recommend two options:  

  • From Salvage take a 90-minute return trip to Edythe’s Lookout where you can look down over the abandoned community of Broomclose. 
  • From Sandy Cove Beach climb to the top of Sandy Cove Lookout, again a 90-minute return trip. A steep climb but worth the views!


Beach Area

You will find a couple of remote beaches located along the Coastal Ridge Trail at Barrow Harbour and Smokey Hole. Eat a snack or take a rest at the picnic tables provided. Interested in making the hike a multi-day experience, pitch your tent at the platform provided at Barrow Harbour. Please note: be sure to pack out any garbage.


Parking is available at each end of the trail. In Sandy Cove, parking is available at the parking lot at Crooked Tree Park across from Down Below Road (where the trail begins). In Salvage, parking is available at the Trails Parking Lot off of Sunday Avenue.


Commonly seen are moose, fox, bears, seabirds, eagles, grouse.  Seabirds and whales can be seen where the trail hugs the coast: humpback, minke and finback whales and dolphins would most likely be seen from the headlands.


This trail follows the ridge line and boasts a number of lookouts. The most notable lookout location is Edythe’s Lookout overlooking the abandoned community of Broomclose. If you are starting the Coastal Ridge Trail from Salvage, Edythe’s lookout is located on the first branch off the trail. Another notable lookout is Sandy Cove Lookout; this lookout is the first lookout you will come to if you start the trail in Sandy Cove.


Most native plants, trees and shrubs can be found along this trail in season. Keep an eye out for pitcher plants, blue flag iris, lady slippers, blueberries, partridge berries, wild cranberries, bakeapples and more.


Although the bedrock of the Eastport Peninsula is mostly sedimentary, roughly 400 million years ago this was an area of active volcanoes in the Appalachian mountain chain. Glacial activity removed much of the soil and over time these mountains were eroded to create the large hills found in this area today. The beautiful sandy beaches found at Sandy Cove and Eastport were formed by outwash deltas.