Public Health Notice
Public Health Notice

Public Health Notice

COVID-19 has presented new challenges in all walks of life.

Be sure to follow Public Health advice while using the trails. 

  • As always, inform someone of your hiking plans.
  • If driving to the trailhead, practice social distancing or travel and hike with those you are already in physical contact with, like family or housemates.
  • If hiking with others with whom you do not live, always maintain a two-meter social distance, as well as with those you may see on your walk.
  • Think ahead about what you’ll need so you won’t have to stop for supplies (including gas). 
  • Be extra cautious. Emergency responders may be very busy. Please don’t take any risks that might mean you need rescue or health care.
  • Assume that restrooms and other facilities are closed. Research and respect other closures. Most trail and park restrictions will be prominently posted. If your walk takes you to a place that is closed, please respect those guidelines.
  • Pack out your trash and take it home with you. Leave only Footprints.
  • Be pleasant when you see someone out and about. Everyone is under a lot of stress during this uncertain time; smiling can improve yours and someone else’s day.

PLEASE NOTE: In springtime the trails are wet and subject to erosion. Please stay off vulnerable trails.